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Capital for upgrades 

Black to Green

Drone floating
Energy Transition Funding

Green upgrades need more

Asset funding than before

So we bring in green and climate finance   

For businesses to stay ahead and grow

Our Focus

About VaultUS 

Green Fund  Climate-tech Growth

Our mission at VaultUS is to help innovative Green-tech products scale up with our development expertise combined with Green Funding and Carbon Finance.  

With over two decades of experience, our team has delivered over $9billion in green funding transactions, placing us amongst the leaders in the industry, having delivered numerous award winning green deals.

We specialize in energy and transport transitions and have made significant contributions to the development of new platforms, sustainable loans and green bonds in emerging markets. Our expertise has helped many green-tech product companies grow into multi-million dollar businesses that have a positive impact on their industry and beyond.

Our strategic alliances and partnerships with large manufacturers, suppliers, and funders, including leading banks and insurers, give us a unique approach to structuring and scaling up innovative market-leading products, such as green tires, mobility retrofits, charging stations, sustainable material production and energy storage solutions. We have a robust pipeline of green funding and carbon finance solutions, hand picking opportunities that add value to our partners, and carefully selected to benefit all stakeholders. 

We believe that supporting the growth of green-tech products is essential for building a sustainable future. We realise that adopting green tech has its unique problems in more asset finance, upfront capital need, payback over longer time, managing utilisation levels, ongoing management asset heavy structures as well as the ecosystems that are required to be built around the products and asset to enable growth.

We are tackling these challenges through collaborations with leading institutions that have delivered scaling and deploying derisking mechanisms repeatedly in the past.  Join us on our mission to make the world a better place to solve these challenges faster, through our development expertise and market leading green funding products that deliver best terms and outcomes.

Our Work

Who We Work With

VaultUS, is being selected by market leading companies working on energy and transport transition as the preferred funding partner for their growth. Its flexible and nimble green funding solutions are built for growth. Vaultus reduces the capital burden and risks for project developers and operators.

For green funding, Vaultus solves for investments with risk mitigation solutions and structuring the opportunities that are built right to scale faster.  Browse our select case studies and offerings to learn more and explore opportunities to work with us.

Charge Point Operators Society

A Terrific EV Ecosystem Partnership

When we first met National Highway for Electric Vehicles ("NHEV"), and proponents of Charge Point Operators Society ("CPOS"),

we knew the collective is on the path to create something really special and big.

Since then, we got pilots for running electric buses and trucks that have been successful with great feedback from customers.

Scale up programs are being structured, and are underway for bus and truck fleet to make a huge impact, with visible unground benefit to users, high utilisation of infra, and funding structures that ensure economic roll out across multiple geographies.

Manufacturer Tie Ups

Converting Capex to Opex

Green tyres were one of the first products we worked on, converting the more expensive green tyres that last longer into a pay go solution.

Capex to Opex conversion helps increase adoption by fleets while increasing life, reducing waste and ensuring cleaner disposals. 

Green Credits

Carbon Finance Collaborations Done Well With Transparency

We are a leading partner and dedicated funding solution provider for carbon credits working with leading project developers and carbon market proponents across the planet. We are also a key member of Global Green Tech Alliance and CMAI.

It's a testimony of our commitment to create and deliver innovative approaches to fund and grow green-tech, while ensuring benefits to communities and transparency.  


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